President’s Message

Message from the President 

It is a great honour for me to be able to welcome all members of Midland Indian Association in this special Golden Jubilee Year. Over the last 50 years our association has transformed from being a ‘small get together’ of a few members in someone’s sitting room to an organisation with hundreds of members with our own venue with all the necessary facilities. This has been possible due to our members’ commitment and loyalty to our association, generosity and hard work.

I strongly believe we will continue to grow and develop towards an even better future through ongoing hard work together and continued commitment and loyalty to our association and its vision.

This year I am supported by very talented Executive Committee members, each with different skills and strengths. Our primary objective is to work together to support the Association to improve communication so that we can keep you updated and informed on all matters relating to our association and promote the mission of our association. In our aim we hope that no member ever feels excluded.

We are trying our best to arrange all our regular and special golden jubilee celebration events. I humbly request you to come and support us in all our events and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Best wishes

Anup Chaudhuri

President 2018/19